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Congrats to Christine Guenette on totally rocking on the offer last night and getting her happy buyers a perfect home on their terms, even in this sellers market. This is what happens when you use experienced professionals. - Remax Rouge River
Gino Sgovio

I'm so happy you were there for them <3 Thank you so much! You're the best ‪Christine‬‬‬‬! I truly mean that. You really care and it shows You have the perfect balance of knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm for your clients. You want what they want. Who wouldn't want you in their corner! Feb-2017
Sharon Sweetland

I have the best agent out there. A big shout out to Christine Guenette for sealing the deal in 12 days!!!! Thank you for all that you did xox. March 2015 (Barrie, Ontario SALE)
Dominique Danis

Bought a house yesterday thanks to the best agent ever Christine Guenette... Thanks for all your time and patience.
Neil Griffith

My most recent stage! Christine Guenette what an amazing agent to work with! She knew exactly how to work with her home stager and we worked together to properly advise her clients to help get this property looking it's best (and within the clients budget!) Working with a few rentals and what the client had & bought we turned this listing from drab to FAB! I just got word from the agent she has 3 offers today on it! Two days on the market!! She assumed the listing after the previous agent could not sell it for I believe several months. She comes on board, hires me...we transformed it! I am going to try and find the original pictures from the first listing to show the difference A GOOD stager can make.
Chantal Miller