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Just wanted to Thank Christine Guenette for all the hard work, the stress and the 1st time for everything crap lol If you ever want to sell your house this girl works so hard to make it happen, when you first meet her you shake hands and she is your realtor BUT by the time you even get it listed or sell it (very quickly) you end up hugging her as she not only is your realtor but now she is a friend <3 Thank you for all the ups and downs I appreciate all your hard work and sacrifices you make , Just to do your job !! Bravo !!! xo <3 Shout out to her husband for always being there for us and helping us along the way xo Truly amazing people!!!
Margaret Wright

If anyone is looking to sell or buy, I know the most hardworking real estate agent… she just got me 99 percent asking and found me my dream home... Christine Guenette, you will not find any better :) – March 2014
Eleanore Tobin

Thank you Christine Guenette you are truly amazing at what you do!!!‬ - Nov-2016‬‬
Darlene Webb

My most recent stage! Christine Guenette what an amazing agent to work with! She knew exactly how to work with her home stager and we worked together to properly advise her clients to help get this property looking it's best (and within the clients budget!) Working with a few rentals and what the client had & bought we turned this listing from drab to FAB! I just got word from the agent she has 3 offers today on it! Two days on the market!! She assumed the listing after the previous agent could not sell it for I believe several months. She comes on board, hires me...we transformed it! I am going to try and find the original pictures from the first listing to show the difference A GOOD stager can make.
Chantal Miller

You were wonderful with us. In fact, you should have your own HGTV show. You could in a mishap or two per episode (like a fish tank overflowing?????) then wind up with the staged version of the house. I'd watch you every week.‬ - Jan-30-2017‬‬
Ann Di Pasquale